Free drawings:

Not a true-to-life rendering of reality, but despite that recognizable. Old handwork techniques like knitting, crochet, weaving, tying, folding, spinning, embroidery are my inspiration. Sometimes a certain technique is enlarged, another time all kinds of textile elements form a totally new composition. I like to use soft pastels for the large sizes, and the pen for the smaller work.

Plein air:

Plein air means: draw or paint on location, outside, people, city- and landscapes. I visit cities and countries to work on the spot with watercolours, colour pencils and pen. This (renewed) interest in working plein air has been triggered by a big journey in 2017, that I wanted to document by drawings.

The human being:

An important inspirational source for me is the human being. I paint portraits (in commission) and little mixed media drawings (see 10 x 15) in which the human being plays the most important part.


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